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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars      


Wesley Wade

Wesley Wade is earning two baccalaureate of science degrees; one in Economics and Political Science, with minors in History, Mathematics, and Computer Science. He will graduate in June of 2016, magna cum laude.

Wesley Wade's interests include advancements in artificial intelligence and its applications, game theory, information theory, and modeling human behavior and thought. He is a recipient of the Southern Oregon University Presidential Scholarship and a Southern Oregon University Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholar. In Fall of 2014, Wesley was an intern in the Washington DC office of Oregon Senator Ron Wyden. For a presentation on game theory and his coursework in international economics, Wesley was selected as an Outstanding Student of Economics at Southern Oregon University for the 2013-2014 academic year. In Summer of 2014, Wesley presented a brief summary of artificial intelligence methodology in political science, a video recording of which may be found below.

In his free time, Wesley enjoys reading and writing science fiction, building and improving his computer, and playing bebop guitar. Following completion of his undergraduate studies, Wesley looks forward to continuing the research and scholarship he has begun at Southern Oregon University in a masters or doctoral program with foci on artificial intelligence and machine learning. After completing his doctoral education, Wesley Wade hopes to teach 
Computer Science at an American university, continue his research, pass on the opportunities he has been granted to others, and hopefully get other young misguided social scientists to read Gödel, Escher, and Bach.

Current Coursework:

Linear Algebra  

Behavioral Neuroscience                                                                                    

Computer Science

Intermediate Microeconomics                                                                             

Geography of East and Southeast Asia


McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. William Hughes, Associate Professor of Political Science



Scholar Curriculum Vitae


2014 McNair Summer Research Symposium

PowerPoint Illustrated Presentation: Artificial Intelligence in Political Science