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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars

 TroyClaytonWebFTroy Clayton


     Troy Clayton is a senior at Southern Oregon University, pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology, with a focus on archaeology. Troy is also earning a minor in Land Use Planning, and a certificate in Cultural Resource Management. He is anticipated to graduate in June 2015. 

     Troy has been professionally active in his field of study for four years as an archaeological technician for the U.S. Forest Service, through an internship with the Pathways Student Employment Program. In addition to gaining experience in archaeology and cultural resource management, he was also able to receive additional training in Wildland Fire Management, which has enabled him to assist fire crews from multiple State and Federal agencies as a Cultural Resource Adviser on several major incidents nationwide. He has had the opportunity to develop strong leadership skills, by acting as team lead to archaeological survey crews and in working with Burned Area Emergency Response Teams.

     Troy has also been actively involved in several community outreach programs. He is a member of the Klamath County Historical Society and has taught several modules as a guest instructor at the Resources and People (RAP) Youth Summer Camp, located at Lake of the Woods, Oregon, As in instructor, he was responsible for introducing forestry related topics to urban youth. Topics covered include: archaeological research methods, cultural resource management, and the ethnobotany of the Northern Great Basin.

     In addition to his professional interests in cultural resource management and wildland fire, Troy also has a strong academic interest in the Native American prehistory of the Great Basin. He is particularly interested in Paleoindian archaeology and studying symbolism in Native American rock art. His ultimate goal is to earn a PhD in Archaeology and eventually transition from government work, to a career in academia. 

McNair Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Mark Tveskov, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Southern Oregon University Laboratory of Anthropology

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