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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars

 Melinda Naglebw

Melinda Nagle

   Mindi Nagle is an undergraduate, first generation student at Southern Oregon University pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in English and Writing with an emphasis in Professional Writing and minoring in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. She anticipates graduating cum laude in June of 2015.

   Mindi is interested in human interactions within our national, state, and local parks and in advancing our understanding of how communities can utilize the various social research methodologies in social science to solve complex problems related to the management of publicly owned lands. She is specifically interested in park visitor demographics and how administrators can utilize social research to improve park visiting rates, especially in relation to underrepresented populations. She is also interested in grant proposal development, women’s literature and autobiography, and narrative oral histories. Her past research has included gender related policy research, social and demographic research, women in literature, feminist readings, and linguistic research. She enjoys conducting ethnographic research and assisting communities to garner benefits from making their stories part of the public discourse.

   After completing her undergraduate degree at SOU Mindi is interested in pursuing a graduate degree in Forestry or in Sociology. She hopes to engage her love of research and community action within a program that can help her to achieve her career goals of becoming a post-secondary educator and professional researcher.

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Edwin Battistella, Professor of English and Writing

Curriculum Vitae

Poster Presentation: "Harvesting Wild Mushrooms on National Forest Land in Oregon”

2014 McNair Summer Research Symposium Presentation: "Oregon Speaks: A Sociolinguistic Study of Vernacular Diversity"