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McNair Scholars


Lynette Haberman

        Lynette Haberman is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree in History and a Certificate in Native American Studies.  She anticipates to graduate magna cum laude spring of 2015. Lynette will be applying to graduate programs for fall of 2015 entry. Her interests include Native American Studies, Indigenous Studies, Ethnic Studies, or American History with a focus on Native American historical topics.

        As a descendent of the Yurok tribe her academic pursuits stem from her own diverse culture.  Throughout her career she plans to be an active participant in the preservation of indigenous North American communities, specifically through the promotion of language revitalization. Lynette will be proficient in Spanish and a dialect of Algonquian known as Weitspekan (Yurok language).  She recognizes the important role language plays within the oral tradition history of indigenous societies.   

        Her current areas of research are: Native American’s and early United States diplomacy, and Native American involvement in the Civil War.  She is focusing on tribal relations (particularly Creek and Choctaw) with African Americans, and avenues of native assimilation to Southern culture through adoption of slave ownership, and the confederate cause.  Her research also involves the study of U.S. land cession from Native tribes, and the international impacts on borderland native communities. Lynette’s long term career goals are to research and develop academic curriculum on the ancient history of the Americas and contemporary American history from the Native American perspective.

She is a member of the National History Honors Society Phi Alpha Theta.

McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sean F. McEnroe Associate Professor of History


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