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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars

Jordan S. Goodin (Jay) is a junior attending Southern Oregon University pursuing two bachelor of science degrees; in Criminology/Criminal Justice and in Anthropology. He is interested in the research topics of: domestic violence, substance abuse, rehabilitation courts, social and environmental impacts on behavior, world trade systems, international development and international law and public policy. Jay is involved in many civic engagement programs, is an active member of the collegiate recovery community, and has held a number of positions in student government at Southern Oregon University.  


Jay aims at entering directly into a Ph.D. program. After earning a Ph.D., Jay intends to work and conduct research in the areas of international law and policy as well as domestic public policy. He intends to aid in the implementation of new law and public policy encompassing these areas and to teach at the university level, while also being involved in many foreign research and development projects. Jay knows his educational experience is highly valuable and as a first generation independent college student he intends to use his education to bring about the change he wishes to see throughout the world.


Within the academic community Jay has made multiple presentations and has a powerful speaking presence.  He also has a skill for spotting potential conflict among his peers. His eagerness to resolve issues is central to his desire to work in the area of public policy. Jay lives his life in the moment and is an optimistic individual, with a desire to succeed.


Mentor: Criminology & Criminal Justice: Associate Professor Dr. Lee Ayers-Preboski, Ph.D., Ed.D.


Mentor Anthropology: Assistant Professor Dr. Jessica Piekielek, Ph.D.


Curriculum Vitae


2012 McNair Scholar Symposium

Slide Presentation: Domestic Violence and Co-Occurring Substance Abuse - Testament of Treatment Providers