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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars


Jenean McGee

   I am Jenean McGee and I am earning a baccalaureate of arts degree in English, within the Literary Studies concentration with an emphasis in American Literature and I am also earning a minor in Creative Writing.  I anticipate graduating cum laude in June 2015.     

   My academic interests are focused within the topical areas of Cultural Studies in literature. I am interested in exploring the construction of race through literature and using the literary forum to deconstruct racial identities to eventually develop solutions to lessen racial tensions and racial problems in the United States.  While at Southern Oregon University I have studied and researched African American racial identities and the role literature has played in developing a sense of consciousness to the issue. I am currently engaging in interdisciplinary research where I am combining perspectives from English, Sociology, and from Psychology to examine literary expressions of the concept of "colorism" within the works of American authors.

   After my completing my undergraduate studies and graduating from SOU I am excitedly looking forward to continuing my education within Literature and Cultural Studies by attending a Literary Studies and or a Cultural Studies doctoral program. Upon completion of a doctoral degree, I aspire to become a faculty member at a university and continue my research in Literary and Cultural Research. I hope that I will be able to use my education to enhance our collective understanding of the human experience.

McNair Faulty Mentor:  Dr. Alma Rosa Alvarez, Professor of English 

Scholar Curriculum Vitae

2014 McNair Scholar Symposium

PowerPoint Illustrated Presentation: A Female Dilemma