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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars

I am Helisia Lewis, and I am majoring in Human Communication and Business Administration with an emphasis in Public Accounting. I plan on earning a Certificate of Conflict Resolution, as well as obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Human Communication and my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I anticipate graduating magna cum laude from Southern Oregon University in June 2014.


I am interested in the area of small group and business communication. I am particularly fascinated by investigating the ways certain groups of people, whether in a business setting or not, reach decisions as a group and what factors play a role in the number of people who buy-in to the ideas presented to the group. In regards to business communication, I am interested in learning the different methods used in the professional business setting to communicate effectively and efficiently to larger groups of individuals. Some topics that I would like to research also include: conflict mediation use in the workplace and technology use in the classroom environment and its effects on learning and understanding.


In winter of 2013, I was selected to complete an internship at Moss Adams LLP, an accounting firm in Medford, completing tax returns. Also, in the summer of 2013, I will be completing another accounting internship at Crowe Horwath in Southern California, working as an auditor.


 On campus, I am engaged in many different activities, including the First Year Mentor Program and Accounting Students Association. The First Year Mentor Program allows me to work with first year students at SOU and assist them academically and emotionally in adjusting to college life. It allows students to be resources for other students, and the program has shown to retain more first year students who were involved in the program than those who were not. I also hold the position of Vice President of the Accounting Students Association, which allows students studying accounting to meet and network with other accounting students, opening up opportunities for the students involved.


 After completing my undergraduate studies and graduating from Southern Oregon University, I am looking forward to continuing my education and increasing my knowledge of human communication by attending a Communication doctoral program and researching small group communication. Once I complete my doctoral degree, I hope to be able to use my post-baccalaureate education in becoming a professor of communication to share my education with others and continue to research throughout my career.



McNair Faculty Mentor: Dr. Garth Pittman, Associate Professor of Communication



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