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Southern Oregon University

McNair Scholars


Emily Ho'okamalani Long

     Aloha Kakou (Hello to all), my name is Emily Hoʻokamalani Long. I am currently a junior attending Southern Oregon University majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Ecology and Conservation. I anticipate graduating with a baccalaureate of science degree in June of 2013. The most important influences in my life are my family, my Hawaiian values, and education. 

     As a native Hawaiian, I have studied Hawaiian language and culture and I participate in activities that extend my cultural values. I have always been drawn to environmental issues and ways to conserve our natural environment and its resources. Some of the Hawaiian values that I try to live by include: lokahi (caring and unity), malama aina (taking care of the environment), akahai and aloha (showing kindness) and no’eau (seeking knowledge).

     My goal is to earn a B.S. in Environmental Studies and continue my academic career to earn a masters and Ph.D. in this field.  At Southern Oregon University I have maintained a strong grade point average and continue to strive towards academic excellence. Southern Oregon University offers an exceptional Environmental Studies program that effectively prepares me for success in a broad range of environmental careers and fosters a commitment to serving the community. 

     As I explored and experienced native Hawaiian culture, history, concepts, values, and traditions, I found that education and learning was, and is, an important part of being Hawaiian. These experiences will help me to continue my college education and eventually to help my community because I am committed to environmental conservation, resource management, and service to my community.

Mentor: Dr. John J. Gutrich, Associate Professor of Environmental Science & Policy

Curriculum Vitae


2012 McNair Scholar Symposium

Slide Presentation: A 25 Year Review of Conservation Successes and Challenges of Invasive Species Management in Hawaii 

Emily Ho'okamalani Long Summer Symposium