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Southern Oregon University

Student scores are stored in Banner SIS in the form SOATEST. Test scores cannot be accessed in SISWeb.

  1. Log onto Banner SIS and enter SOATEST in the direct access box.


    Entering SOATEST in Banner


  2. Enter your advisee's student number and press next block (page down).


  3. You may use the arrow keys to navigate the list of tests for your advisee if necessary.


  4. Check the prerequisite table to determine if your student has the appropriate test score for ML, MTL, or MOL to allow him/her to register for the desired course. Notice the test code is in the left most column, followed by the description and the score.


    Placement Scores in Banner


  5. If you see EA or CLM tests listed but no ML test, then your advisee's placement level has expired (placement test scores expire after 2 years). Your student will need to retake the placement test.