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Southern Oregon University

The Kieval Lecture Series

2015 Kieval Lecture Series:  Dr. Jonathon Brundan, University of Oregon

Dr. Jonathon Brundan joined University of Oregon faculty in 1997, and has been there since, promoted to full Professor in 2008.

He received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of London’s Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, in 1996.

Dr. Brundan’s research interests include:  representation theory of Lie algebras, algebraic groups and quantum groups, algebraic combinatorics, modular representation theory of finite groups, and invariant theory.

His distinguished career includes authoring more than 40 research articles, delivering more than 50 invited presentations at conferences and universities, serving on the editorial board for the Journal of Algebraic Combinatorics and AMS’ Representation Theory, being the dissertation advisor for five doctoral students, and winning multiple outstanding teaching awards.

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A lecture series endowed by the late Harry S. Kieval for speakers to address broad popular aspects of mathematics that are attractive to undergraduates and the general public. The speakers meet with students and faculty informally, in addition to giving two to four public lectures.

Previous lecturers in this series have included:

  • 2012/13 John Caughman, (details), Portland State University (May)
  • 2011/12 Kenneth Ribet, (details), UC Berkeley (June)
  • 2010/11 Sherman Stein, (details), UC Davis (May)
  • 2009/10 Donald Crossfield, (details), Roseburg High School (Feb)
  • 2008/09 David Pengelley, (details), New Mexico State (May)
  • 2007/08 Jeff Weeks, (details)
  • 2006/07 Jon McCammond, (details), UC Santa Barbara (May)
  • 2005/06 Donald Saari, UC Irvine, in conjunction with June PNWMAA conference
  • 2004/05 Millie Johnson, (details), Western Washington (April)
  • 2003/04 William Dudley (details), DePauw (May)
  • 2002/03 Yves Nievergelt, (details), Eastern Washington (May)
  • 2001/02 Jack Robertson (details), Washington State (April)

    Colin Adams, (details), Williams State (May)
  • 2000/01 Mark Neilsen, (details), U of Idaho (January)

    Edward Burger, (details), Williams (May)
  • 1999/00 Joseph Gallian, U of Minnesota, Duluth (May)
  • 1998/99 Steve Keeler, Boeing (April)
  • 1997/98 (William Dunham cancelled within days of May series)
  • 1996/97 Rick Luttman, Sonoma State (May)
  • 1995/96 Judy Grabiner, Pitzer (May)
  • 1994/95 Bob McKelvey, U of Montana (May)
  • 1993/94 (None)
  • 1992/93 Duane DeTemple, Washington State (May)
  • 1991/92 Marjorie Senechal, Smith (May)
  • 1990/91 Rolland Lamberson, Humbolt State (spring)
  • 1989/90 Richard Guy, U of Calgary (spring)
  • 1988/89 Sam Saunders, Washington State (spring)
  • 1987/88 Mike Moody, Washington State (spring)
  • 1986/87 Tory Parsons, CSU Chico (February)
  • 1985/86 David Barnette, UC Davis (May)
  • 1984/85 Constance Reid (January)
  • 1983/84 Ivan Niven, U of O (November)
  • 1982/83 Jeffrey Arthur, Oregon State (May)