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Southern Oregon University

The rhetoric and reason minor is an interdisciplinary program comprised of courses drawn from the humanities, social and natural sciences. The rhetoric and reason minor provides a foundation in thinking creatively and analytically. The program engages students in the pursuit of the practical and theoretical questions at the heart of human interactions and endeavors. 

Requirements for the Minor: 24 Credits, 12 required and 12 selected from electives list


WR 230 Introduction to Rhetoric

PHL 301 History of Philosophy

COMM 343 Argumentation, Debate, and Critical Thinking 

Electives: (select 12 credits from among the following courses.)

PHL 201 Introduction to Philosophy

PHL 203 Elementary Logic

PHL 330 Science, Democracy, and Citizenship

COMM 342 Persuasion

COMM 412 Evaluation of Public Communication

COMM 460A Women Transforming Language

WR 493 Topics in Rhetoric

SOC 461 Sociology of Religion

BI 382 Biology and Society

BI 385 Women in Science