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Southern Oregon University

The Southern Oregon Foreign Language Articulation Project, or SOFLA, is a collaborative organization that brings together foreign language teachers from all levels of instruction in the southern Oregon region. Through the assistance of grant funds, SOFLA provides two to three workshops every year for language teachers from participating school districts in southern Oregon. SOFLA also works directly with certain school districts to asses their students and provide additional training with funding from the No Child Left Behind program.SOFLA seeks to promote second language proficiency among students by focusing on standards (Oregon benchmarks) and assessment. SOFLA has developed oral and writing assessment instruments (SOSLA-O and SOSLA-W) which can be used to evaluate student proficiency based on Oregon benchmarks 1-5.Working collaboratively with the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Southern Oregon University, SOFLA has helped to develop a model by which advanced language students in high school can receive university credit by demonstrating proficiency in the language (See the "High School Proficiency Program" link for more information).

The SOFLA Team

The SOFLA project team coordinates SOFLA workshops and activities under the direction of project director Dr. Daniel Morris. Other members of the project team include:

  • Arnold Bleicher (Medford School District)
  • Marianne Golding (Southern Oregon University)
  • Linda Goodyear-Stevenson (Rogue Community College)
  • Diana Ryland-Minor (Central Point School District)
  • Lauren Schaffer (Ashland School District)

If you would like more information about the SOFLA oral and writing assessment instruments, or if your district would like to join SOFLA, please send an email to Scott Rex.