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Southern Oregon University


Unit/Position Appointed by Seats Representative
Technology Council Chair Provost 1 Greg Jones
Chief Information Officer Ex Officio 1 Brad Christ
Academic and Student Affairs Provost 1

Jadon Berry

Center for Instructional Support    Provost 1 Cora Yockers
Faculty Faculty Senate 4 Cody Bustamante
Lore Rutz-Burri
Dennis Jablonski
Katie Pittman
Finance and Administration Vice President for Finance
and Administration
1 Steve Larvick
Institutional Advancement Vice President for Institutional  
1 Justin Cook
Library University Librarian 1 Jim Rible
Medford Campus Provost 1 Andrea Culbertson
SEIU President 1 Shawn Foster
Student ASSOU Senate 1 TBD