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Southern Oregon University

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First–time or novice users are encouraged to use these instructions and helpful hints for using Banner Web for Employees.

Banner Self Service for Employees provides an opportunity for employees to view their current benefits, payroll, deductions, and personnel records using a web browser. For any changes that need to be made to these records please call the appropriate office (e.g. Payroll 552-8506 or Benefits 552-6167).


Access Instructions

The best way to access Banner Self Service is to use the MySOU web portal. After logging into the portal, click on the Faculty/Staff tab and then look for the Banner Self Service channel.Click on the links in that channel to display all the Banner Self Service options available to you.

Banner Self Service has a feature to uniquely identify a user for security purposes. The first time you access Banner Self Service you may be prompted for a personal security question and answer. Simply type a question to which only you will know the answer (e.g. What's your mothers maiden name?), then provide the answer and click Submit. Later, if you need your PIN but have forgotten it, you can click the "Forgot PIN?" button. The question will be displayed and after answering it correctly you will be allowed to login.

If you do not use the MySOU portal to log into Banner Self Service, you will be prompted for a User ID and PIN. Your User ID is either your Novell network user name, your generated ID (starting with 940), or your SSN - any of these ID numbers will work. Your PIN has already been automatically generated but you may not know what it is, especially if you haven't accessed the Self Service system previously. However, using the MySOU portal to access this information will eliminate the need for you to know your Banner Self Service user ID and PIN.

Please contact the Faculty/Staff Help Desk for PIN reset assistance (552-6900) if you are having trouble logging into Banner Self Service.



Tips for Using Banner Self Service

  • You can use the back button on your browser or click on the menu text link on the top of any page to get back to the opening menu.
  • The forward button on your browser is not as reliable to redisplay a page previously visited. Instead, use the menu options to redisplay pages.
  • When you are finished, please remember to log out of Banner Self Service by clicking “EXIT” in the upper right corner of the web page.
  • Please allow a reasonable amount of time (1-2 business days) for any information you have recently updated with the Human Resources or Payroll Offices before it is displayed in Banner Self Service.

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