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Southern Oregon University

Looking for a fun way to complete your 180 hours to graduate and receive training in a growing field?

Consider a minor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership.

The extraordinary natural environment of our region is a big reason so many active Southern Oregon University students choose SOU as their University. Whether you are majoring in Business or Biology, Art or Anthropology, the Outdoor Adventure Leadership (OAL) minor offers you a way to earn the credits you need to graduate, while broadening the scope of your education and gaining a skill set that will increase your employability as well as enhance your enjoyment of the outdoors throughout your life.

SOU's Outdoor Adventure Leadership minor consists of 26 credits total, 12 of which are upper division. Courses offered include: Wilderness First Aid and CPR, Whitewater Activities, Mountaineering, Outdoor Recreation Programming and the Environment, Scuba, Outdoor Survival and Challenge Course Facilitation. Contact OAL advisors Adam Elson or Erik Sol for more information.

Take this link for more information about the Outdoor Leadership major and a complete list of courses.

 Courses included in the Outdoor Adventure Leadership minor:
26 credits, must include 12 upper division

 Course # Name  Credits
PE 180 Activity courses based on land or water activities, 1 credit each.
Must have 3 credits. See OAL curriculum for details.
PE 194 Professional Activities: Outdoor Recreation Activities  (Fall only) 2
OAL 250 Foundations in Outdoor Adventure Leadership 3
OAL 252 Wilderness First Aid & CPR 3
OAL 275 Adventure Based Facilitation 3
OAL 362 Outdoor Recreation Programming and the Environment 3
OAL 375 Advanced Techniques in Adventure Leadership   Prereq: OAL 250 & 275 3
PE  430 Outdoor Survival  (Fall only) 3
OAL  444 History of the Pacific Northwest  or   OAL 470 Environmental Physiology 3
    Total 26