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Southern Oregon University

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Gender Inclusive Community


What is Gender Inclusive Housing?

Gender is as diverse as race or religion. Southern Oregon University wanted to create an environment where people did not have to identify with a gender label. The Gender Inclusive floor will not take gender as a factor into the housing application process. It is not advised that people in romantic relationships live together.


What about the bathroom?

The bathroom will be shared among those in the Semi-Suite.  The shower and toilet, both have locking doors for privacy.


Who can live here?

Students that desire to live with people of differing genders. This is not a place for romantic couples to live together.




How will roommates be chosen?


Southern Oregon University will use the standard roommate questionnaire and the additional questions asked in the Housing Application, but will not take gender as a factor in deciding roommates.







Outdoor Adventure Leadership

The Southern Oregon University Outdoor Adventure Leadership floors are a unique opportunity for students who enjoy outdoor activities to develop leadership skills through programs such as ropes course, snowboarding, rafting and survival training.  Students are encouraged to develop challenging programs with the support of their floor mates and resident assistant.  Anyone interested in Outdoor Adventure Leadership is welcome to live in this hall.  An additional fee will be assessed to students who are placed in this community to cover the cost of large, off campus trips/ events.