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Southern Oregon University

  • You need to have a minimum of 15 people in your educational group and stay a minimum of two nights
  • All bedding -including pillows and towels- is provided for your group
  • Bathrooms are shared and are located "down the hall"
  • Lodging is available year-round
  • Your group will be assigned to a special conference hall. Our SOU students are housed in their own residence halls
  • You have until 30 days before your arrival on campus to make changes in your number of participants or meal plan
  • Campus parking permits may be purchased upon arrival
  • Buses are not permitted to park in campus lots
  • Alcohol is not allowed in public areas on campus; all indoor areas are smoke-free
  • Youth groups are required to have chaperones (one adult to ten minors)
  • Pack flip flops and a robe for trips to the bathroom; bring an alarm clock and hair dryer
  • Four hours of theater classes are a requirement for all groups who do not have adjunct status or are not with an Oregon public school. For details contact Lois DeBruno at
  • Only university age students receive exterior door keys; all participants receive room keys
  • Each hall is "locked down" at night at 7 pm
  • A staff member is available from 7 pm until 7 am to assist your group
  • Staying at SOU is a great way to introduce your students to university life and to open up a whole new world of experiences for them. Imagine the possibilities!


Conference Services
(541) 552-6375
Fax (541) 552-6380