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Southern Oregon University


The Social Justice House: Where Passion meets Action 


The Social Justice House is a place where passion, action and reflection meet. We believe in the value of all individuals and the transformative power of education. Using ourselves and our world as our primary textbook, we move beyond the comfort of the classroom to confront issues of inequity, poverty, and violence. In partnership with our communities, we develop creative and effective solutions to problems of injustice. The Social Justice House fosters the empathy, adaptability, creativity, and courage to imagine and build a more just world.  


The Social Justice House helps people discover their passions and develop their skills in order to transform the world into a better place. We view learning as a process of reflection and action that can transform individuals, institutions, and societies.  We believe that the combination of awareness, empathy, and complex thinking skills empowers students to identify and take action on challenging social issues.

The Social Justice House brings together students, faculty, staff and community partners who cultivate and apply the skills and dispositions necessary to bring about a more just world. These include empathy, curiosity, questioning our assumptions, and understanding the role of power, privilege, and inequity in our lives. We recognize that democracy is always a work in progress, one that requires conscious effort to promote and sustain. The Social Justice House seeks to position the university as a vibrant community partner for just and sustainable development. Through practica, internships, project based learning, and collaborative research, we leverage the creative and intellectual capacities of our students, faculty and staff as resources for addressing the complex problems confronting our region and our world.

Students in the Social Justice House develop skills that are essential in an ever-changing world. They graduate able to think creatively, work collaboratively, embrace risk and uncertainty, consider multiple perspectives, and adapt to new and unfamiliar situations. More importantly, they learn how to connect their passions and skills with real-world needs, laying the foundation for success and satisfaction throughout their lifetime. The Social Justice House builds social entrepreneurs who are able to connect their livelihood to their skills and passions. Our students graduate not just hoping to contribute to the world’s most pressing problems—they know they will because they already have.