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Southern Oregon University

Social Justice House: HSE 101 - 103 Faculty

Alma Rosa Alvarez

alvarez Alma Rosa Alvarez – English and Writing

“I want my students to be passionate, and I want them to be compassionate and to have a strong work ethic.” Alma teaches about racialized bodies, Chicano Borderlands, Native American myth and culture, Literature of the Wild West, and the American Dream. She advises Southern Oregon University’s Latino Student Union and Newman Center Club.

Office: Central Hall 254
Tel: (541) 552-6629

Deborah Brown

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Kylan de Vries

devries Kylan de Vries – Sociology & Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

“I like to have students do projects where they’re making connections between theory and community and experience.” Kylan teaches about the phenomenon of prejudice from every conceivable angle—racism, sexism, transgender discrimination, classism.

Office: Taylor Hall 215
Tel: (541) 552-6759

Jennifer Longshore

longshore Jennifer Longshore – Art History

“It’s my hope that students get something different…my goal is to get them out of a classroom and into the real world.” Jennifer teaches about art and activism, how to use art to grow communities and make change.

Office: Art Building 119
Tel: (541) 552-6566

Margaret Perrow

perrow Margaret Perrow – Education & English and Writing

Margaret Perrow has devoted her life to savoring the medium of language and its power to transform our lives. Margaret teaches about literacy, education, and multi-cultural literature.

Office: Central Hall 257
Tel: (541) 552-6632

Carey Sojka

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Social Justice House: HSE 201 - 203 Faculty

Amanda Singh Bans

bans  Amanda Singh Bans – Sociology & Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies

"It is my goal to assist students in consistently finding opportunities to bridge the gap between academia and community engagement." Amanda teaches Sociology and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies, focusing primarily on race, class and ethnicity, as well as violence against women and healthy relationship building.


: Taylor Hall 217
Tel: (541) 552-6322 

Deborah Farris

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John Sollinger

sollinger John Sollinger – University Seminar

"My goals are to teach students that science is a process to gain an understanding of the physical world, rather than a list of facts to memorize or numbers to manipulate, and to enable students to become informed citizens." Dr. Sollinger teaches biological principles behind current topics, such as stem cell research and climate change.

: Central Hall 014
Tel: (541) 552-6342