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Southern Oregon University


MindBody House: HSE 101 - 103 Faculty 

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 The MindBody House: Heal yourself... heal the world.


The MindBody House is a project-based learning community focused on themes of health and wellness dedicated to a balance between all aspects of wellbeing.


The Southern Oregon University MindBody House prepares students to become engaged with the many dynamic challenges related to the promotion and maintenance of health and wellness in our society. Students will develop effective communication and research skills in an integrated curriculum that emphasizes hands-on, project-based learning, multi-disciplinary study, and life-long, reflective thinking. Students will explore a variety of contemporary and interconnected areas, including nutrition, health education, mindfulness, stress management, personal empowerment, healthy relationships, spiritual introspection, community health promotion and leadership. We approach this inquiry with a comprehensive view of wellness that values balance between the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, environmental and social aspects of wellness. Students, faculty and community partners will work together through collaborative and challenging “real world” projects that will provide a platform for engagement, creativity and teamwork. 




Welcome to the SOU MindBody House

The optimal relationship between the mind and the body is wellness. This house integrates curricular, practical and political practices that promote wellness as a physical, psychological, sociological and intellectual phenomenon. Its overarching theme is to offer students, faculty, staff and community members opportunities to analyze and develop self-responsibility, empowerment and capacities needed for wellness on various levels: individual, local and global. 


About the MindBody House

While few aspects of contemporary American society generate significant consensus, almost everyone -- regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, race, socio-economic status, educational level or professional status -- likely agrees that a reactive and crisis/intervention-based model of health care, coupled with massive economic pressure has strained the potential for most Americans to be proactive and engaged advocates for their own health and wellness.

This house not only addresses one of the most pressing issues in our society, but challenges it in a crucial way: identifying factors that are relevant to understanding and promoting health in this country, but requiring direct engagement with it. A graduate of SOU’s Mind & Body house will be, by design, a change agent for a new model for wellness in this country, and beyond, as this graduate will be committed to health and wellness as primary, preventive and proactive rather than a treatment-based elimination of pathology. 

The Mind & Body House offers interdisciplinary coursework that draws from Psychology, Physiology, Biology, Nutrition, Chemistry, Education, Health and Physical Education, Communication, Environmental Studies and other related disciplines. Students will work directly in the community to develop projects in areas such as health and physical activity promotion, mental health, positive youth development, adventure-based therapy, domestic violence, hunger and food security and more. House participants will also develop an understanding and commitment to their own wellness and healthy patterns that will serve them for life. 

Your involvement in this House will include:

  • Meeting other students with similar interests and passions
  • Classroom and outdoor learning experiences
  • Improving your own health and wellness
  • Student-centered projects
  • Community involvement
  • Close relationships with your professors
  • Fun, fun, fun while at the same time grappling with complex issues related to health and wellness