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Southern Oregon University

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Solve real-world problems, outside the classroom!

Houses are designed for you, the engaged and energetic student. The Houses let you team up to create positive change, no matter what your field of study.

SOU Houses are not buildings and not majors—they’re new communities of learning and doing, built on common interests, creativity, and collaboration.

Whether you plan to major in the arts, sciences, humanities, education, or any other SOU program, you can apply your strongest passions and talents in a Southern Oregon University House to make a real difference.

Green House

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The Green House adventure will move beyond the classroom into diverse environments such as Mount Ashland, local farms and businesses, the Rogue River, Ashland’s watershed and our new SOU Center for Sustainability. Through adventure and applied research, members will explore what sustainability means to each of us as individuals within a community and in the larger world.

Social Justice House

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Enter the Social Justice House : you could find yourself working with local government agencies on human rights, immigration, homelessness, and poverty. You might experience issues of life in a homeless shelter, or the organization and hard work of a Habitat for Humanity project.


Skeptic House


The Skeptic House is a new, project-based learning community that takes an interdisciplinary approach toward the application of logical, creative, and scientific thinking on many contemporary issues and problems, from cryptozoology and alien abductions, to vaccinations, global warming, and evolution. Students will actively participate in collaborative projects involving contentious issues with campus and community partners by applying their skills and knowledge in profound and challenging new ways.


About the SOU House Experience

The House Seminar is a distinctive and challenging student experience that fosters resilience, adaptability, team skills, career awareness, and problem solving. Complementing their traditional academic major, students participate in an interdisciplinary curricula comprised of classes and other experiences centered on big ideas. Faculty, students, and staff collaborate across traditional majors to create novel academic experiences that involve active learning, research, performance, adventure, career mentoring, and real-world application. All students and faculty participate each term in House Seminar, a ‘home room’ class that, over three years, delivers foundational academic skills, academic advising, peer mentoring, group projects, lab/field work or performance, field trips, career preparation, portfolio/resume building, professional conference participation and research publication. When you graduate, you'll have more than a degree. You'll also have powerful, real-world skills and connections for life!

Start your SOU education by being part of a community that is actively learning and working together to make a difference in the world.

The Houses are open to any incoming student, regardless of their major.

Get creative, get connected, get out of the classroom...
Get in a House!

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