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Southern Oregon University

History and Political Science Faculty

Todd Carney Photo

Todd F. Carney (History)
Associate Professor

Office: TA 103B 

Phone: 541-552-6646  


Education: BS, MA,  Utah State University; PhD, University of Oregon.
Teaching/Research Area: American West, African American, Native American, World Environmental, Oral History




Robert Harrison Photo

Robert T. Harrison (History)

Office: TA 204 

Phone: 541-552-6648  


Education: BA, Biola University; M Div, Fuller Seminary; MA, California State University, Los Angeles; Ph D University of Southern California
Teaching/Research Area: England, British Empire, Middle East, Modern Europe.




William Hughes Photo

William Hughes (Political Science)
Associate Professor

Office: TA 022 

Phone: 541-552-6188  


Education: BA, MA, California State University, Chico; PhD, University of California, Davis.
Teaching/Research Area:  American and Comparative Politics, Research Methods.




Sean McEnroe

Sean F. McEnroe (History)
Associate Professor

Office: TA 115

Phone: 541-552-6647


Education: B.A., Vassar College; M.A., Portland State University; M.A.T., Lewis & Clark College, Ph.D., U.C. Berkeley
Teaching/Research Area: Latin America and the Early Modern Atlantic World

Sean McEnroe: The Aesthetics of History (2011 Faculty Focus Article)




Gary Miller Photo

Gary M. Miller (History)

Office: TA 118

Phone: 541-552-6645 


Education: BA, California State University; MA, San Diego State University; PhD, University of Florida.
Teaching/Research Area: Pre-Industrial Europe, Spain, Empires, Film




Paul Pavlich

Paul Pavlich (Political Science)
Assistant Professor

Office: TA 133 

Phone: 541-552-6130  


Education: AB, College of William and Mary; MA, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; JD, University of California, Berkeley.
Teaching/Research Area: Law, Political Theory, Public Policy




Dustin Walcher

Dustin Walcher (History)
Associate Professor

Chair, History/Political Science

Office: TA 103A 

Phone: 541-552-6124 


Education: BA, UCLA; MA, PhD, Ohio State University.
Teaching/Research Area:
International History, Strategy, and Modern U.S. History