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Southern Oregon University


Assistant Professor, History & Political Science
Prelaw advisor
Office: Taylor 133
Phone: 541.552.6130
FAX: 541.552.6439

Professor Pavlich teaches introductory political science  courses and a variety of courses in law, political theory, and public policy.  After leading his own coup, Professor Pavlich has been deposed as chair of the department and returned to civilian life.  At least that is how he remembers it...

Choose from the following, the phrase that describes your reaction to the above piece of "intelligence."

A.  When will the people call for his return?

B.  When will a special prosecutor be appointed?

C.  When will he be on Oprah?

D. Who will ghost write his memoirs?


Fall Office Hours are: Tu/Th 2:30-3:30, W 12:30-1:30 & F 11-1.

Fall classes:

PS 202 (CRN1949)  Law, Politics and Constitution  MW 1:30-3:20

PS 325 (CRN 1953) Elections, Money, and Democracy  TR 10:30-12:20

PS 341/HST 388 (CRN 1954/1944)  The Constitution and the Supreme Court  TR 3:30-5:20