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Southern Oregon University

History majors who are within twelve credit hours of completing the history requirements for the bachelor's degree may register for the capstone experience in which they produce a lengthy and properly documented paper to demonstrate their command of the research process.

While all students register for the 415 class taught during fall and spring terms, there are two options available. Students who are considering graduate school are encouraged to write a narrowly focused paper based largely on primary documents. These students may work closely with the faculty member best qualified to guide research on the particular topic and may begin their capstone projects one to two terms before signing up for History 415.

Generally, students register for History 401 during the quarter prior to enrollment in 415. For the second option, students participate in a seminar and write a historiography based on a topic chosen with the approval of the seminar professor. The historiography option is particularly appropriate for those wishing to read deeply in secondary sources and to analyze the development of the topic over the decades.