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Southern Oregon University

Mission Statement

We are recognized as an organization that strives to expertly maintain our campus and provides exceptional services to support the education and development of our students.


Building Maintenance provides general maintenance and repairs to the buildings at SOU.

Campus Mail Services provides postal service and intracampus mail deliveries to SOU faculty and staff.

Custodial Services provides general custodial services to academic and office areas as well as auxiliaries.

Environmental Health and Safety develops, establishes and administers policies and procedures for environmental compliance, health and safety to ensure the University’s compliance with relevant federal, state and local laws, regulatory guidelines, and industry standards.

Landscape Services includes grounds maintenance, pest management, and irrigation services to SOU.

Lock Shop controls the issuance of keys, locks, and also provides repair and maintenance of lock and door hardware.

Motor Pool establishes driver clearance for van rentals to the university and is responsible for equipment maintenance.

Support Services performs on-campus moves of equipment and furniture.

Utilities is responsible for the control and maintenance of the heating and cooling systems on campus.