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Southern Oregon University

Campus Mail Services is an administrative unit of Facilities Management and Planning, organized to provide postal, small-parcel, and air express shipping and distribution services, as well as operate the intracampus mail deliveries.


These services are provided to the faculty and staff of the university and other affiliated organizations residing on campus for university-related business.


Phone: (541) 552-6201

Fax:    (541) 552-6325

E-mail: Pam Curl, Supervisor


Business Reply Mail and other Prepaid Mail Options

Deadlines for Items to Go Out Today

Education Service District Courier

Campus Mail Services Work Order (see guidelines below)


Guidelines for using Campus Mail Services Work Orders

  1. If you do not provide a CMS Work Order with your mail piece(s), we will assume you are asking for First Class postage and that you want it to be charged against your main Index Code.
  2. Use a CMS Work Order to request special services or a carrier other than the post office.
  3. Use a CMS Work Order if your department has an array of Index Codes or if you want to use an Index Code that is not usually charged.
  4. You may fill in your Index Code before printing out the Campus Mail Services Work Order. Please notice you will get three work orders per page, so there are three places to fill in the Index Code.
  5. You may choose any color paper for your work orders.

Note: For student mail services, issues, and questions, contact Cascade Mailroom at (541) 522-7116, or contact Housing Services at (541) 552-6371.