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Southern Oregon University

Photo by: Steve Huffman

he Watershed Science Concentration takes advantage of our unique environmental setting in southern Oregon to emphasize study in climatology, geological hazards, and water resources. Faculty members in the Watershed Science Concentration offer a close and unique mentor-student relationship defined by a high level of contact and practical research experience.  Faculty members and students are involved in key research projects that focus on climate change, slope stability, and water resources tied to local, state, and federal agencies. Students in the Watershed Science Concentration working on applied projects have the opportunity to present their research at professional conferences.


Watershed Science Concentration (48 to 52 credits)

Students selecting the Watershed Science Concentration must complete ES314 Hydrology and G360 Environmental Geology within the Environmental Studies Core.  Core courses cannot be used to meet upper division elective requirements within this concentration.

Lower Division Core (20-24 credits)

  • G 215 Advanced Physical Geology (4)

Select one of the following Chemistry Sequences:

  • CH 100/100L Fundamentals of Chemistry (4) 
  • CH101/101L Environmental Chemistry (4)
  • CH 201 and CH 204 General Chemistry (5) 
  • CH 202 and CH 205 General Chemistry (5)

Select one of the following Biology or Physics Sequences:

  • BI 101/101L General Biology: Cells (4)
  • BI 103/103L General Biology: Populations (4)
  • PH 201/224 General Physics I (5)
  • PH 202/225 General Physics II (5)

Note: Students may substitute BI 211 and BI 212 with advisor approval.
Note: Students may substitute PH 221 and PH 222 with advisor approval.

Watershed Science Concentration Core (20 credits)

  • ES 315 Hydrogeology (4)
  • ES 435 Water Resources (4)
  • ES/GEOG 433 Soil Science (4)
  • ES/GEOG 481 Geomorphology (4)

 Upper Division Watershed Science Electives: Select two of the following (8 credits)

  • ES 309 Meteorology (4)
  • BI 386 Forest Ecology & Management (4)
  • ES 327 Energy & Climate Change (4)
  • ES 445 Ecosytem Management and Conservation (4)
  • ES 475 Environmental Modeling (4)
  • BI 475 Aquatic Ecology (4)
  • ES 479 Biosphere, Ecology & Global Environmental Change (4)
  • ES 431 Urban Watersheds 

ES Faculty Advisors - Watershed Science Concentration

Dr. Gregory Jones

Dr. Charles Lane