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Southern Oregon University


Arp WebProfile 

Ecological Physiology, Adaptation to Environment

Dr. Alissa Arp
Chair, Environmental Science and Policy Program
Professor of Biology
Office: TA 116
Phone: 541-552-6253

DittmerEric WebProfile 


Eric Dittmer
Professor Emeritus of Geology & Environmental Science and Policy 
Office: SC 065
Phone: 541-552-6496



Environmental & Ecological Economics

Dr. John J. Gutrich
Professor of Environmental Science & Policy
Office: TA 113
Phone: 541-552-6482


Environmental Sciences

Dr. Don Hunsaker
Temporary office: Trailer Hall 107
Phone: 541-552-8183

SteveJessup WebProfile 


Dr. Steven Jessup
Associate Professor, Earth System Science
Temporary office: Trailer Hall 110
Phone: 541-552-6804

GregJones WebProfile

Climatology & Geospatial Analysis

Dr. Gregory Jones
Professor of Environmental Science and Policy
Office: CE 142
Phone: 541-552-6758

CharlesLane WebProfile


Dr. Charles Lane
Professor of Geology
Temporary office: Trailer Hall 111
Phone: 541-552-6479

MarkShibley WebProfile

Environmental Sociology

Dr. Mark Shibley
Professor of Sociology
Office: TA 214
Phone: 541-552-6761

VincentSmith WebProfile  

Environmental Sociology, Agroecology

Dr. Vincent M. Smith
Assistant Professor of Sociology & Environmental Science and Policy
Office:  TA 218
Phone:  541-552-6802

CharlesWelden WebProfile

Community Ecology

Dr. Charles Welden
Professor of Plant Ecology
Office: Emerald 127
Phone: 541-552-6868

 Affiliate Environmental Studies Faculty

PatAcklin WebProfile 

Land Use Planning

Pat Acklin
Emeritus Professor of Geography
Office: TA 112
Phone: 541-552-6786


Comparative Environmental Management Systems

Dr. John Richards
Professor of Geography
Office: TA 121
Phone: 541-552-6281 
Fax: 541-552-6439

MarkTveskov WebProfile

Cultural Resource Management

Dr. Mark Tveskov
Professor of Anthropology
Office: TA 230
Phone: 541-552-6345