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Southern Oregon University

Use this form for:

Do not use this form for:

  • Adding and/or dropping courses after scheduled timelines
  • Credit of tuition and fees outside of scheduled timelines
  • Challenging application of late fees
  • Denial of Emergency Short Term Loan request
  • Other special requests surrounding registration and assessment of tuition and fees
  • Financial Aid appeals
  • Housing appeals
  • Parking appeals
  • Program fee appeals (ie sports equipment or camps, course materials,  bookstore charges, etc) 
  • Grade change appeals

By completing this form you are requesting an exception to university approved policies governing registration and application of tuition and fees.  Only cases that are exceptional will be reviewed.  Examples of exceptional vs. routine circumstances are:

Exceptional Circumstances Routine Circumstances
(Committee will consider) (Committee will not consider)
  • Medical emergencies that are beyond student's control and prevent student from meeting timelines
  • Death in the family requiring student to be absent for extended periods
  • Errors made by SOU
  • Disagreement with faculty, grade, and/or course content
  • Ignorance of established timelines
  • Ignorance of policies and procedures of adding or dropping courses

In order for the committee to consider an exception to established policy, you must submit all required documentation for the type of exception you are seeking by the end of the term following the term you wish for the appeal (i.e. if appealing for Fall term, you must submit the completed appeal and required documentation by the end of Winter term).

Supplemental Documentation

Documentation Type of Appeal Required? Documentation Information
Instructor Statement All appeals challenging adding and/or dropping courses and tuition and fees outside timelines. Yes Instructor should verify attendance/participation of student in their course. Students may also request additional information regarding involvement, or lack of, in course, but student should inform instructor of the details of the appeal.
Department Chair Statement All appeals challenging adding and/or dropping courses. Yes Department Chair should acknowledge they are aware of and approve the circumstances regarding the appeal.
Medical Documentation All appeals where a medical emergency precipitated the request for adding/dropping and tuition and fees credit outside timelines. Yes Documentation from a medical provider with the dates and nature of emergency. Students doing a medical withdrawal will have this documentation forwarded to the appeals committee. Appeal will not be reviewed until medical withdrawal is processed.
Supplemental Documentation All appeals. No Any other statement or documentation from individuals involved with the circumstances surrounding the appeal.


Instructor and Department Chair statements should be emailed directly to the  All other documentation should be sent via email to, fax to 541-552-6614, or delivered to the Enrollment Services Center in Britt Hall.

Incomplete appeals will not be reviewed and will be automatically denied 90 days from submission of this form. Appeals are considered incomplete if there are missing fields on the appeals form and if the required supporting documentation is not received by Enrollment Services.

Academic Appeal Form