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Southern Oregon University

Most kinds of Federal and State financial aid can be used on the foreign study programs. Many students have used aid successfully in conjunction with study abroad. However, to make financial aid work for you, you need to follow the guidelines below:

Apply early for financial aid as early as possible so you can be considered for all sources of aid for which you might be eligible and have adequate processing time to meet program deadlines. Always apply for scholarships by filling out the Southern Online Scholarship Application (SOSA) and reviewing outside scholarships on the Financial Aid web site. If you are a student who receives an SOU tuition remission scholarship, be aware that they are not applicable to some exchange programs. Check with the International Programs Office at 541-552-6336 if you have questions.

A recipient must have available funds, separate from Financial Aid, to purchase airline tickets and other necessary pre-departure expenses.

Study abroad financial aid recipients must have their data verified before their files are reviewed. This means turning in any requested documents, such as signed Verification Worksheets or Federal Tax copies. Once a student has accepted an aid offer, loan promissory notes and loan entrance counseling may need to be completed. Students who are taking a Federal Direct Loan and have never done loan entrance counseling before, can do it online at No aid will be released to your SOU account unless all required financial aid steps have been completed.

Financial Aid While You Are Away

When you are accepted to one of the exchange programs please contact Financial Aid at 541-552-6600 or email at Your aid package will be revised according to the new, foreign budget.

Be aware that dependent students may have already reached their annual borrowing limit through the Federal Direct Loan Program and will need to borrow additional alternative loans through private lending agencies. Furthermore, parent(s) must have good credit to obtain the Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan. Please allow extra time for processing. These loans must be in place before leaving the country.

Students who receive Veterans Benefits must contact VA Certification Specialist John Westbrook in Stevenson Union 202, 541-552-6107 or email to find out what is required to maintain those benefits while on the exchange program or for help with loan deferment problems while you are abroad.

Before you leave, you must meet with SuAnne Cleveland in the ESC to sign a Power of Attorney if necessary. You can call her at 541-552-6730 or email her at This is your contact to manage your aid funds while you are abroad.


Southern Oregon University (SOU) has signed consortium agreements (academic partnership) with several Community Colleges in Oregon under which students may concurrently enroll at both institutions and have their combined credit load serve as a basis for establishing financial aid eligibility.  Financial aid shall not be received from both institutions during the same academic term for any reason.

Under this agreement, student financial aid eligibility will be processed by the "home institution" (the college where the student has been officially admitted and where the student maintains at least half of his/her term-by-term credits) using shared information from the "host institution" (the college where the student is concurrently enrolled while attending his/her home institution). In order to be eligible for a deferment on prior educational loans, minimum enrollment (6 hrs) must be maintained at a single institution.

Requirements for Concurrent Enrollment

  • The student must be fully admitted and pursuing a degree with the home institution.
  • The student must maintain at least half of the credit load each term at the home institution.
  • The student may only enroll in credits that lead to completion of the program declared as the student's major.
  • Classes under the 100 level (and math classes under the 60 level) do not count as enrolled hours for funding.
  • The student's academic progress on combined credits will be monitored on a term-by-term basis by the home institution.

Concurrent Enrollment Request forms must be received in our office by:

Term Deadline
Fall September 10th
Winter December 10th
Spring March 10th


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» Voyager Tuition Assistance Request (PDF)
» Voyager Program Fact Sheet (PDF)
» Veterans Dependent Tuition Waiver (PDF)                                                                                                    


The amount of benefits you receive is directly proportional to the number of credits you take. VA benefits are paid according to this chart:

Full time 12 credits 9 credits
3/4 time 9-11 credits 7-8 credits
1/2 time 6-8 credits 5-6 credits
Less than 1/2 4-5 credits 3-4 credits
Less than 1/4 1-3 credits 1-2 credits

For information regarding certification of Veterans Educational Benefits, contact the Access Support Programs at or 541-552-7102.