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Southern Oregon University

Building and Room Abbreviations
Abbreviation   Building or Room
AB   Art Building/Center for the Visual Arts
AE   Art East-DeBoer Sculpture Building
BRITT   Britt Hall
BRITT BLRM   Britt Hall Ballroom
CAS   Cascade Residence Hall
CE   Central Hall
CH   Churchill Hall
CHS   Crater High School (Central Point)
COURT   Tennis Courts
COX   Joseph and Regina Cox Hall (formerly known as Siskiyou Center)
CSC   Computer Services Building
CVA   Center for the Visual Arts
EP   Education/Psychology Building
ECP   Extended Campus Programs Building
FAM   Old Mill Village Family Housing
FIELD   Athletic Fields
FMP   Facilities Mgmt & Planning (formerly known as Physical Plant)
FT CTR   Fitness Center
GSP   Greensprings Residence Hall
GSCLSRM   Greenspings C, Classroom
HAWTHC   Hawthorne Residence Hall Classroom
HEC   Higher Education Center (Medford)
LAKE   Emigrant Lake
LIB   Lenn & Dixie Hannon Library
LOBBY   Lobby of PE Building
MDRH   Madrone Residence Hall
MA   Marion Ady Art Building
McN   McNeal Pavillion (HPE Building)
MOD   Modular Offices
MP   Motor Pool, Grounds, Shop, Recycle
MUS   Music Building
NMHS   North Medford High School (Medford)
OCS   Off Campus Site
OIT   Oregon Institute of Technology (Klamath Falls)
OLLI   Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (formerly known as Campbell Center)
PE   Physical Education Building (McNeal Hall)
PHY PL   Physical Plant (now known as Facilities Mgmt Planning), 351 Walker Ave., Ashland
PLUNK CTR   Plunkett Center
POOL   SOU Pool in McNeal Hall
RCC   Rogue Community College
RINK   Ice-Skating Rink, (Medford)
RVC   Riverside Center, Rogue Community College (Medford)
RVC/A   Riverside Center, Building A, Rogue Comm College (Medford)
RVC/E   Riverside Center, Building E, Rogue Comm College (Medford)
RVC/G   Riverside Center, Building G, Rogue Comm College (Medford)
RVTV   Rogue Valley Community Television/Multimedia Center
SC   Science Building
SEC   Security, 382 Wightman
SHWC   Student Health and Wellness Center
SMA   Schneider Museum of Art
SMHS   South Medford High School (Medford)
SOHS   Southern Oregon Historical Society (Medford)
SOLIR CTR   Southern Oregon Learning in Retirement/Campbell Hall
SORSI   Southern Oregon Regional Services, 521 S. Mountain (Ashland)
SLSI   Sours Life Science Lab (Greenhouse)
STAD   Stadium, Fitness Center
SU   Stevenson Union
SAC   Student Access Center
TA   Taylor Hall
THTR   Theatre Arts Building
TRACK   Track behind PE Building
WWW   Web computer access