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Southern Oregon University

Environmental Health & Safety, Risk Management, Workers Compensation Reporting


As stewards of the University’s human, physical and environmental resources, our goal is to provide consultation, programs, and services that:

  • prevent accidents and minimize risks,
  • minimize human exposure to hazardous agents and conditions,
  • protect the environment through responsible waste management and active waste reduction,
  • prevent the spread of disease from unsanitary conditions,
  • conserve resources.


Environmental Health and Safety,  Risk Management and Benefits (Workers Comp.) appreciates your ideas and input. Please let us know if you spot any safety  improvement opportunities


Safety Committee



      Members: Chair: Joel Perkins,

                      Keith Beed, PamD'Allura, Treasa Sprague, Thomas Knapp, Doug Walborn, Russell Deen, Frederick Creek


Safety Meeting Min 9-25-15

Safety Meeting Min 6-16-15

Safety Meeting Min 5-27-15

  April 2015 Safety Committee Minutes

Safety Meeting Min 2-18-14

Safety Meeting Min 1-22-13

Safety Meeting Min 2-26-13

Safety Meeting Min 5-29-13

Safety Meeting Min 9-17-13

Safety Meeting Min 11-26-13

Safety Meeting Min 9-25-12

Safety Meeting Min 6-19-12

Safety Meeting Min 5-15-12

Safety Meeting Min 4-17-12

Safety Meeting Min 2-21-12





TRAININGS:  Are now in the "Moodle" program. Although some trainings do require classroom sections and are given as needed, contact Southern Oregon University Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Manager for further information.


Building Manager Inspection Checklist:  Building Manager Checklist



Risk Management - Insurance guidelines


Open Flame Use


 Open Flame Procedure.   Please read the guidelines and procedures in the form before applying for the permit.

Open Flame Approval Form


If you having an on campus event, these are the forms to be completed and submitted.  Forms must be submitted before the event is permitted. 

           OUS Event Detail Form

           Certificate of Insurance request

Is your event off campus, but is hosted by SOU?

Are you traveling out of the country?

               for business?

               not for business?



Do you need to file a Risk Management claim (not Workers Compensation)?




Workers Compensation

Reporting an injury:  All injuries are to be reported within 24 hours of occurrence.  Below are the 2 forms which need to be completed and sent to the Benefits Office/Human Resources. 

Employee privacy:  While work related injuries do not have the same level of privacy protection, nonetheless Employee's personal information and any non-work related health issues must be protected.  This is why work related injury information is to be sent to the Benefits Office.

Student employees:  If a student is on-the-job, and suffers an injury, they are considered the same as an employee, and the same procedures are to be followed.

SUPERVISORS:  If an Employee is hospitalized, this must be reported to the Benefits Specialist, or if they are not available, to the Environmental Health & Safety Manager as soon as possible.  This must be reported to OSHA within a specified time frame.

Under no circumstances is an injured Employee to be transported by any other Employee.  Call 911.

If an employee seeks medical treatment, they must have a doctors note before returning to work.  That note is to be sent to the Benefits Office. 

Treatment options:  The injured Employee is able to seek treatment where they wish.  However, SAIF may direct the Employee to a more appropriate medical provider if further care is needed.   SOU has an arrangements with the Asante Occupational Medical Clinic in Medford for injured employees.  Note:  Unless it is an emergency, the Employee should check with their physician and make sure the physician will accept Workers Comp. claims.  Not all physicians will do this.

Payments:  Employees should not have any costs associated with treatment for a Workers Comp. injury or medications, unless SAIF denies the claim.  Delays in reporting the injury and completing the paperwork can lead to Employees being billed for these services.  If that happens, contact SAIF.



          First Report of Injury (SAIF 801):  SAIF 801 form

          Supervisor's First Report of Injury:Supervisors Incident Report Form

Contact Information:

           Benefits Office at SOU:   541.552-6167

           Benefits Office Fax:        541.552.8508

           Environmental Manager:   Russell Deen  541.552.6232





Member of the Public

 Southern Oregon University values the community, and their efforts in advising the University of any safety issues they observe.  It is hoped that you will find the information here useful, and the form easy to use.  Please know a representative from SOU will be in touch with you within 24 hour business hours.


 Safety Observation Public