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Southern Oregon University

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The Water Conservation Kit was created by the Bear Creek Watershed Education Partners, to make water education resources specific to our region available to teachers. The kit is designed for use in the field and demonstrates the role water plays on the planet, the concept of watersheds, and practical water conservation techniques.



  • Water On Our Planet
  • Water In Our Watershed
  • Water In Our Daily Lives


  • Water Synthesis


  • Water Cycle Activity


  • Project Wild Aquatic Education Activity Guide
  • Project Wild Activity Guide
  • Project Learning Tree Environmental Education Activity Guide
  • Common Ground: The Water, Earth, and Air We Share
  • The Drop in My Drink
  • Bear Creek Greenway Trail Guide
  • A Drop of Water
  • A Cool Drink of Water
  • Chattanooga Sludge
  • Saving Water
  • The Rain Stick: A Fable
  • Water Dance
  • Pond Lake River Sea
  • A Drop Around the World
  • Bringing Rain to Kapiti Plain


  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials, worksheets, and additional resources
  • Use water wisely poster
  • Inflatable globe
  • Rain stick
  • Down the Drain (VHS)
  • Whaddya Know About H2O? (VHS)
  • Conserve Everyday (VHS)
  • Water for Our Community (VHS)
  • Pamphlets: 25 things you can do to prevent water waste