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The Watersheds: Salmon & Streams Kit is divided into four parts: Watersheds, Macroinvertebrates & Water Quality, and Salmon!

Watersheds introduces the concept of a watershed by inviting students to create models of watersheds with paper mache and topographic maps. It also explores how water moves over landscapes with an emphasis on how vegetation helps water to slow, sink and spread.

Macroinvertebrates & Water Quality allows students to link the presence of aquatic macroinvertebrates to watershed health through biotic index surveys with lessons for the classroom and the field.

Salmon explores salmon anatomy and lifecycle. Students can learn external and internal anatomy through art projects and real dissections, act out the lifecycle and calculate salmon survival.

Our Water Quality Kit  and Water Conservation Kit  compliment the Watersheds Kit and can be used to create a comprehensive, place-based water unit.


  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials,  and additional resources
  • Salmonid Lifecycle and Local Species Presentation
  • Field Box with materials for macroinvertevrate sampling
  • Salmon replicas for fish printing
  • Egg/alevin/fry display & salmon scales to examine
  • Watershed maps

Books and Videos:

  • Guide to Pacific Northwest Aquatic Invertebrates
  • Field Guide to the Pacific Salmon
  • Salmon Stream
  • Discovering Salmon
  • The Magic School Bus Goes Upstream
  • A Last Wild Salmon (VHS)