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The Insect Kit explores the diversity of insects common to our region using a mounted specimen collection.  The collection parallels the activities which explore adaptations that insects use for survival such as camouflage, mouthparts, and behavior.  The kit is designed for use in the field utilizing detailed observational and insect collection techniques.

Please note that the Insect Kit cannot be shipped via ESD courier due to the fragility of the specimens. The kit must be picked up at SOU.





  • Camouflage: Where are they hiding?- insects use camouflage to avoid detection by predators; also used as a good example of naturally selected traits


  • Busy, Busy Bees- describes how a honeycomb is built  and the purpose of the “bee dance”


  • Make a Pooter- make a collecting device to safely catch insects


  • Learning Mouthparts - understanding mouthpart specialization


  • On the Move– describes leg types and their function


  • Flutter and Fly– identifies wing types and wing function


  • Amazing Antennae– understanding the use of insect antennae


  • By Gall-y– looking at the purpose of galls and recognizing the different types


  • Insect Rummy Game– used to distinguish the taxonomic orders of insects around the world


  • Buzz words- word search




  • The Insect Almanac: A Year Round Activity Guide


  • Incredible Insects


  • Bug Watching with Charles Henry Turner


  • Entomology


  • I Wish I Were a Butterfly


  • Bugs of Washington and Oregon


  • Outside and Inside Spiders


  • Eyes on Nature: Spiders




  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials, worksheets, and additional resources


  • 15 Student Study Kits, each containing: insect cube, beetle stick, insect gall, magnifying lucite box, life cycle and insect parts diagram, and Golden Guide to Insects


  • Magnifying jars and hand lenses


  • Five insect specimen collections
  • Insect collection in resin
  • Microcosmos (VHS)
  • Insect Defense (DVD)

 insects in resin