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Southern Oregon University

Environmental Education banner
  • Become a leader in the field of environmental education
  • Our living classroom. Explore the region's diversity
  • Gain practical experience. Intern with local organizations.
  • Add a Certificate in Non-profit Management to your program
  • Create an environmental education program from scratch
  • Earn a teaching licensure while completing your masters
  • Live and play in an outdoorsy,artistic community

Creating leaders in the field of environmental education.

Educators, visit the Fall in the Field educator page for registration & program specifics. 


Create your own environmental education program from scratch. As their capstone experience, each cohort designs, plans, and teaches environmental education programs.

Branch Out

Earn an additional Master's of Arts in Teaching license or a certificate in non-profit management while you earn your Master of Science in Environmental Education.


Gain practical experience in environmental education through internships with local organizations and government agencies.


The unique geologic and biodiversity of the Klamath-Siskiyou Bioregion provide a living classroom.

Live and Play

Live and play in Ashland, an outdoorsy, artistic community.  Find world-class cycling, hiking and theatre just minutes from campus.


Apply to join the Master of Science in Environmental Education program at Southern Oregon University and become a leader.

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