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Forest Ecology Kit

The Forest Ecology Kit contains activities, field guides, and samples for helping students understand the natural history and complex ecology of local forests. 




  • Tree Identification- how to use a dichotomous key to identify commonly occurring native trees in the Rogue Valley


  • Drawing Succession- understanding forest succession


  • Succession and Habitat Diversity-how forest succession creates different habitats


  • Studying Succession Through Forest Exploration –by collecting data on a local forest, we can determine the forest’s successional stage


  • Likable Lichens & Lichen Air Quality updated! – field surveys focused on local lichen identification and lichens as air quality indicators


  • Forever Trees –learning about forest products


  • Discovering Nature: Ancient Forests


  • The Tree in the Ancient Forest


  • In a Nutshell


  • Discovering your Life-place: a First Bioregional Workbook


  • How the Forest Grew


  • Field Guide to Old-Growth Forests


  • Peterson’s Guide to California and Pacific Northwest Forests


  • Up the Tall Tree


  • Atlas of Oregon Wildlife


  • Pacific Coast Tree Finder


  • Jackson County Habitat Guide




  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials, worksheets, and additional resources


  • Dichotomous keys


  • Local lichen specimens


  • Forest succession photographs


  • Increment tree borer


  • Diameter tape

forest ecology lichen specimens