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The Bird Kit contains samples of birds, nests, and mounts of wing, foot, feather, and bill types.  Activities help students understand adaptations that aid bird species with differing lifestyles.  The concept of flight is analyzed, in addition to other topics such as migration and habitat. 




  • Build a bird- to develop understanding of the function of different body, wing, foot, and bill types and relations to habitat


  • Fill the Bill- explores bird beak adaptations


  • Migration Blues- reveals importance of adequate habitat for migrating birds


  • Flights of Fancy- examines how wing shape affects flight


  • Feather flurry- teaches how different feathers are used by birds for different functions                       


  • Nature Scope: Birds, Birds, Birds


  • Song of the Swallow


  • The Birder’s Handbook


  • Sibley’s Guide to Birds


  • Jackson County Habitats





  • Teacher binder containing activities, background materials, worksheets, and additional resources


  • Build a Bird Notebooks
  • Student Study Kits each with: bird specimen, bird nest, laminated photo ID card, and book: All the Backyard Birds


  • Field Guide to Bird Songs (CD)


  • Winged Migration (DVD)


  • Life of Birds (set of 4 DVDs)


  • How Birds Eat (DVD)
  • Common bird collection


  • Nest collection


  • Mount of feet types


  • Mount of bill types


  • Mount of feather types


  • Mount of tail types