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Southern Oregon University


Hosted by the School of Education at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon (USA)

Nourishing the Soul of Education

Friday, September 19 - 21, 2014, with Core Reflection Workshops Available

Our deep thanks and gratitude to all of our presenters, participants, and other supporters for making this such a memorable and significant conference. We invite you to share your experience(s) or feedback with us through an email to any of the committee members. If you took photos you might be willing to share on this site, we will try to post a selection of them in the coming weeks so that others may remember special times we had together. 

We will continue to use this site, at least in the near future, to keep the HTLC network connected and informed about future and related events. With love...

Last site update: 9-25-14

Printable (PDF) versions of the conference overview, daily sessions, and presenter biographies are now available; click on the corresponding side menu tab to find.


Holistic education is concerned with connections in human experience - connections between mind and body, between linear thinking and intuitive ways of knowing, between individual and community, and between the personal self and the transpersonal self. ~Jack Miller

  • Keynote and breakout sessions, demonstrations, plenary strands, and interactive events;
  • Inclusive gathering of educators from many realms of holistic practice, pre-K through post-secondary;
  • Diverse and inspiring range of approaches that engage emotional, social, intellectual, physical, creative, artistic, and spiritual potential;
  • Sessions scheduled to run all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday until 1pm;
  • Core reflection workshops offered as pre- and post-conference options.

Please refer back to this website regularly.  You will find continuously updated information, including program details.

  How can holistic teaching and learning be a catalyst for positive change in education?

This conference addresses a critical need for holistic educators to support one another in envisioning a more humane, loving form of teaching and learning than is currently being promoted in narrow, high-stakes policies. We are drawing on the wisdom and leadership of inspiring educators and featuring a variety of holistic schools and programs.

You are warmly invited to attend and participate in:

  • Extraordinary educational perspectives presented by a spectrum of holistic presenters, domestic and international;
  • On-site visitations to local classrooms and schools following holistic principles;
  • Experiential learning through examples of holistic and contemplative teaching practices;
  • Interactive formats to maximize collegial connections, collaboration, and professional inquiry;
  • Possibilities to engage in curriculum, program, and policy development;
  • Opportunities to deepen awareness of our own human potential as teachers and learners.

 Conference conveners: Dr. William Greene and Dr. Younghee Kim