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Southern Oregon University

The CTL/MEd or The CTL Post-Master's Degree Program:

Educators who intend to enroll in The CTL/MEd Program (45 graduate hours) or The CTL Post-Master's Degree Program (12 graduate hours) need to gain admission to both SOU Graduate Studies through the SOU Admissions Office and to the School of Education for the graduate program in question.  This entails completing and submitting the following applications, as outlined below:

I.  Admission to Southern Oregon University Graduate Studies

If you have not previously attended SOU School of Education as an admitted graduate student,* complete and submit to the SOU Admissions Office:

  • The Application for Graduate Studies at SOU along with the $60 fee
  • Official transcripts from all colleges and universities previously attended (showing proof of receipt of a Bachelor's degree). 



II.  Admission to the School of Education

Applicants must meet the university admissions criteria and submit the following to the School of Education:

  1. California Basic Educational Skills TEst (CBEST). Applicant must have obtained a total score of at least 123, with no score less than 37 on each of the three content areas of the test. 
  2. The National Teachers' Exam Core Battery Test (NTE). The applicant must have obtained a score of at least 659 on the Communication Skills (#10510) and a score of at least 654 on the General Knowledge (#20500) sections of the test.
  3. Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills TEst (PPST)(#'s 10710,10730 and 20720).The applicant must have obtained a score of at least 174 on Reading, 171 on Writing and 175 on the Math sections of the test.

*Note: The above tests are not required of candidates who can document five years of successful, full-time employment in a licensed position in public schools in Oregon or other states.

  • Two favorable letters of recommendation from immediate supervisors employed by educational or social agencies attesting to the applicant's competence to work with school-aged children or youth in volunteer or paid work experiences.
  • A Master's degree- required by TSPC in order to obtain a Continuing Teaching License.

*If you have previously attended SOU as a MAT or Special Education Stand-Alone graduate student:

Download SOU's Program Plan sheet, then contact the Graduate Coordinator: Dr. Ken Kempner