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Southern Oregon University

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RoomSession 1
Session 2
Session 3
Session 4
EP 016 Blended Learning Symposium
Don Brown, Odysseyware
Are You Engaged with Your Activboard?
Tammie Collom
Classflow, 1 to 1, and Interactive Panels/Whiteboards
Alex Stuart, Advanced Classroom Technologies
Squishy Circuits: Hands-on STEM with MaKey-MaKey
Rachel Wente-Chaney
EP 050 Literacy, Assessment and Technology
Victoria Paul, myON
Tech Gurus: Leveraging Your Students for Tech Support
Nichole Carter
MAXIMIZE with Moby Max
Tammie Collom, Leonardo Iboa, and Becky Burkhart
Digital Citizenship for the 21st Century
Becky Burkhart
EP 110 Minecraft in the Classroom
Zoey Boyles and Max Sandler
Game Studios: Everything You Need To Know To Start Your Own Game Studio On a Student's Budget
Patrick Conner, Alexandria Kruger, and Jennifer McKenzie
Laura Nickerson
Laura Nickerson
EP 150 Engaging STEM with Quadcopters
Steve Prull (Repeated in Session 4)
Creating Student-generated Multimodal 'Explanations' in the Common Core Era
Dennis Jablonski
Managing and Building a Culture of Ongoing Professional Development
Tammy Ahalt and James Huntsman
Engaging STEM with Quadcopters
Steve Prull (Repeated from Session 1)
EP 164 Interactive TVs: Their Use and Deployment in K-12 Education
Mary Potter, InFocus
30 in 60: Learning Management System Tips and Tricks
Tim Chase
Flip, Blend and Learn with Digital Curriculum
Jake Schlumpf, Apex Learning
Developing a Culture of 21st Century Learning
Dr. Billie McConnell, Atomic Learning
EP 195 Gamification with Google
Chris Hesselbein
Using Google Forms for Meaningful Constructed Response Assessment
Ryan Hoxie
Establishing IT Relevancy
Jason Eatmon, DGI
Resources and Strategies for Your Interactive Classroom
Michelle Lind and Jon Bennett
EP 256 Creating Courses with iTunes U
Mark Johnston, Apple Education
Apple: Preparing for Fall 2015
Mark Johnston, Apple Education
Leading for Connected Learning
Peter Pappas
Teaching with Documents: Literacy, Tech and More
Peter Pappas
EP 258 VEX as a Platform to Introduce Robotics
Jeff Rhoades, Lucas Stella, Seth Miles, Tyler Crawford, and Cameron Johnson
Google Drive, OERs, and Standards Under One Roof
McKay Walker, MicroK-12
Hands-on Strategies Supporting Access to the Curriculum for All Students
Shar Powell and Nancy Jo Vogel (Double Session)
EP 294 Digital Portfolios
Erik Palmer and Dr. Vicki Suter
Swivl in the Classroom: Using Video to Improve Instructional Practice
Rea Snyder, Kelsey Huntley and Kate Weber
Turn Tablets into Microscopes
Thomas Larson, Micro Phone Lens
Ensuring Student Success with Digital Literacy
Brian Rose,
SU 313 Using your Mobile Lab in 5-8 Mathematics
Maia Fastabend
Going Deeper with Google Docs
Timothy Welch
Rolling Out the Cart: Chromebook Use and Management in the K-12 Classroom
Jennifer Heroux and David Cosand
Rockstar Writers: Using Technology to Improve Student Writing
Jennifer McKenzie and Anna Grewe
SU 318   Learning Communities in the Digital World
Peggy Marconi and Mary Harwood
SU 319 The Perks of Going Paperless- Using the iPad Handouts App in the Classroom
Heather Marrs and Penny Peck
Creating Videos, Slideshows, and Presentations with the iPad Shadow Puppet App
Heather Marrs and Penny Peck
An iPad Cart, Sixth Graders, & a Social Studies Teacher Walk into a Classroom
Gary Laipply (Repeated in Session 4)
An iPad Cart, Sixth Graders, & a Social Studies Teacher Walk into a Classroom
Gary Laipply (Repeat from Session 3)
SU 330 Amazing Chrome Apps
Rob Saunders
Using Google Communities for PLCs
Rob Saunders
Google Forms for Tracking Data
Christopher Jelderks
Digital Choose Your Own Adventure Stories
Christopher Jelderks
SU Diversions 21st Century Libraries
Joyce Squire and Kate Weber
Maker/Tinker Space
Sponsored by ScienceWorks Hands-on Museum, Ashland
TA 024   3D Printing: Creativity Meets STEM
Brenda Bunge and David Brannen
PBL Online
Tim Chase
How to Flip Your Class: A Feasible Guide to Flipping Your Content
Nichole Carter
TA 102 ARC GIS Online
Amy McLaughlin
Dancing with Schoology
Gary Laipply and Heather Ayers
Engaging Students with Gaming
Amy McLaughlin
Eduquesting: Quest-based Learning in the Classroom
Amy McLaughlin
TA 203 Adventures in YouTubery
Doug Robertson
Supporting Student Feedback on Writing Using Technology
JP Newman
You Can Code!
Heather Ayers and Steve Prull
Google Classroom
Heather Ayers and JP Newman
PCE 102 5 Ways Google Forms Can Save You Time!
Kristi Sturgeon
Collaboration and Blogging in the Elementary Classroom
David Cosand
Google Drive Unburied My Desk
Doug Robertson
Deeper Dive into Google Sheets
Timothy Welch