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Stay tuned for an announcement regarding the keynote presentation for the 2015 Ed Tech Summit. In the meantime, you can view slides and a video from the 2014 keynote speaker, Dr. Seymour Hanfling. (If you are unable to view the video embedded below, please try a different browser or view it directly on the Ustream site.)

2014 Keynote Speaker: Dr. Seymour Hanfling
Chief Technology Officer, Renton School District

Instruction and Technology Leading Together: The Tools are Here, the Standards are Here, the Future is Now

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Keynote speaker Seymour Hanfling spoke about "Instruction and Technology Leading Together: The Tools are Here, the Standards are Here, the Future is Now." Dr. Hanfling discussed the critical need and details involved in providing students with the technology and tools to meet new standards, access digital curricula and resources, engage in collaborative and online learning, all while meeting federal and state guidelines. This has a wide range of implications for planning, staffing, policy, support, and a host of other 'details.'

About Dr. Hanfling

Seymour Hanfling

Seymour has over 30 years of experience focusing on improving education and infusing technology into educational systems. Prior to coming to the Renton School District, he spent 18 years at Education Northwest (formerly the NW Regional Educational Laboratory) where he helped schools, districts and state departments of education find effective strategies for increasing the effectiveness of our education systems. He led or conducted over 20 evaluations of STEM related projects and was the Director of the NW Educational Technology Consortium (NETC) for nine years. NETC focused on the integration of technology into K-12 education. The team conducted thousands of hours of staff development, created regional and national conferences and developed a variety of resources (see

Prior to Education Northwest, Seymour was the technology staff development coordinator for 3000 staff at the Salem-Keizer School District (1992-1995). He also was a Research Scientist at the American Institutes for Research (1990-1991) and has conducted research on the use of artificial intelligence in education and training through a grant from the National Research Council (1988-1990). From 1974-1983 Seymour was a middle and high school teacher in the Portland area and started his use of computers in the classroom (anyone remember the Commodore PET?). This led him to try to understand the impact of these new-fangled machines through a graduate program at the University of Oregon where he received a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and an M.S. in Computer Science (1986). Seymour spent three-and-half years in the Peace Corps after graduating from college. He taught in a school with no electricity, open spaces for windows and was very happy to have books, a blackboard and chalk.

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