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Southern Oregon University

Teaching and Learning in a Digital World

Life’s become an “open-book” test. So what does that mean for schools? Students are awash in a sea of text without context and they explore their digital world with an expectation of choice and control that challenges traditional notions of learning and literacy. This keynote by noted education leader Peter Pappas will illustrate how to fuse digital technology and sound instructional practice to craft learning environments that motivate students with the opportunity to think like professionals while solving real-world needs.

Peter will also lead a breakout session on Teaching with Documents: Literacy, Tech and More as well as a session for Administrators on Leading for Connected Learning.

Bring a web-enabled device! Peter uses Learning Catalytics BYOD audience‐response system to demonstrate ed tech rather than just talk about it.

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About Peter Pappas

Peter Pappas is no stranger to education. Most of his career was spent in New York State--twenty-five years as a high school social studies teacher followed by ten years as a K-12 Director and Assistant Superintendent for Instruction. Like most teachers, he’s always had a second job. For over twenty years, he’s traveled throughout the country assisting school districts, state ed departments, leading educational organizations and companies to improve teaching and learning. His workshops are based on the premise that staff development should model what we expect to see in the classroom. Six years ago he relocated to Portland to continue his work as trainer/writer and explore the frontiers of teaching, jazz, yoga, Macs, film, books, garlic and hoppy IPAs. Sporting the mandatory PNW beard, Peter teaches at University of Portland’s School of Education. He has published a series of innovative multi-touch iBooks. His popular blog, Copy/Paste, features free downloads of instructional resources, projects and publications. Follow him at Twitter/@edteck.