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Southern Oregon University

Report Access Barriers DR stairs q 48294.crop

Southern Oregon University is committed to equal access and the civil rights of people with disabilities. Therefore, we make every effort to remove barriers to our programs wherever they exist.

In the event you encounter a barrier on the SOU campus, such as an inoperative elevator, blocked access ramps, snow or ice accumulation, or inappropriate use of designated accessible parking spaces, we need you to help us identify them.

This way we maintain access by removing barriers as quickly as possible. Use the following information to call:

Report Barriers Contact Info 





Facilities (541)552-6231 8-5, M-F
Campus Public Safety (541)552-6258 8-5, M-F
Campus Public Safety Tipline (can be used anonymously) (541)552-8372 24/7
Disability Resources (541)552-6213 8-5, M-F
Student Support
and Intervention (541)552-6221 8-5, M-F

Go to the map if you need information on accessible doors, parking spaces, and routes on campus.
For more information about formal and informal grievance processes, please follow the appropriate link below: