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Southern Oregon University

When you search for courses using the SOU Class Schedule, online courses are identified in green text. You can use the Advanced Search feature to limit your search to courses delivered online (details below). Be sure to consult the Fnote (footnotes) column for special information about a course such as special requirements, meeting dates, or other important details. Courses and fees are subject to change.

In compliance with USDOE regulations, current and prospective students can find information about state authorization status and complaint processes on this page.

NOTE ABOUT STUDENT HEALTH INSURANCE: Credits for online courses will not count towards the minimum 6-credit requirement for student health insurance eligibility.

To search for online, hybrid or two-way video courses:

  1. Click on the Quicklinks drop-down menu on the SOU Home Page and select Class Schedule (or go directly to the following link: SOU Class Schedule). 
     quick links  
  2. On the Class Schedule page, click on the Advanced Search button.
    class schedule 

  3. Select the Term (A) and Subject (B).

    advanced search 
  4. Under Delivery Method (C in the last column), select Online, Hybrid, or Two-way video, as applicable.
  5. Set any other desired options, then click on Search (D).
  6. Courses that match the criteria you selected will appear. For each course that you're interested in, note the numbers in the Fnote column. Click on a number to open the Footnotes page, which lists footnotes for all courses, to review the special notes for the course.

  7. Make a note of the four-digit course reference number (CRN) of each course in which you would like to enroll.