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Southern Oregon University

Promoting Academic Integrity Using Turnitin

turnitinlogoWhat is Turnitin? Turnitin is a web-based software that SOU faculty can use to increase awareness of proper citation of resources and prevent plagiarism. Turnitin is fully integrated into our Moodle system. User accounts and assignment links are created within Moodle.

For more information, visit Turnitin's Answers to Questions Students Ask.

Student Support

For assistance with your Turnitin account, do not contact SOU's Help Desk. Contact your instructor or the Turnitin Help Center.

Instructor Support

Turnitin training for faculty is available through the Center for Instructional Support. Contact Hart Wilson or Cora Yockers for more information or to schedule a training session. Technical problems with using Turnitin may be directed to Turnitin via the Turnitin Help Center ticket system.

 Additional Information for Instructors

You are strongly encouraged to include a statement about the use of Turnitin in your course syllabus or course policies. Examples of statements are available below.

Note: Do not copy over any Turnitin assignments from one Moodle course site to another. Doing so will cause problems with the assignments in both sites. During the course import process, be sure to uncheck the box for any Turnitin assignments. You can then recreate the Turnitin assignment in the new course.

Answers to most questions related to Turnitin can be found in the Turnitin Instructor Guide. If you need further assistance with Turnitin at SOU, contact any of the following: