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Southern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University (EOU)

Students earning a Liberal Studies Bachelor's degree from EOU are required to complete two minors. Southern Oregon University offers the minor in Criminology & Criminal Justice to these students. EOU students who are receiving financial aid can receive aid for the SOU credits, also.  

EOU students interested in the CCJ minor at SOU need to:

  • Apply for Non-Admitted Student status by following these instructions.
  • Complete the SOU/EOU Consortial Agreement for financial aid by:
    • Downloading and completing the consortial agreement form
    • Faxing the completed form to the SOU Financial Aid office at (541) 552-6161 attn: Debbie Beck. SOU will then forward your form to the Financial Aid office at EOU by fax.
  • Contact CCJ Program Coordinator Tanya Blakeley at to create an advising plan or for questions about registration.

To meet the requirements for the minor, students need to complete four lower division courses and one required upper division course:

  • CCJ 230 American Criminal Justice Systems 
  • CCJ 231 Introduction to Criminology
  • CCJ 251 Introduction to Criminal Law
  • CCJ 298 Orientation to CCJ at SOU (1 credit)
  • CCJ 300 Essentials of CJ Research and Writing

Upon completion of the required courses, students must complete 16 credits of upper division CCJ coursework. All courses listed below are 4 credits each.

The following courses are preapproved for the CCJ minor:

  • CCJ 309 Research Methods
  • CCJ 331 Theories of Criminal Behavior
  • CCJ 361 Juvenile Delinquency
  • CCJ 411 Criminal Law
  • CCJ 413 Law of Criminal Procedures
  • CCJ 430 Crime Control Theories and Policies
  • CCJ 451 Criminal Justice Leadership
  • CCJ 460 Comparative Criminal Justice

The following courses may be taken if approved by the student's CCJ advisor:

  • CCJ 321 Criminal Investigations
  • CCJ 341 Correctional Institutions
  • CCJ 346 Computer Forensics
  • CCJ 347 Crime in Cyberspace
  • CCJ 381 Serial Killers
  • CCJ 384 Violence and Victimology
  • CCJ 399 Special Studies
  • CCJ 407 Seminar: Special Topics
  • CCJ 412 Law of Criminal Evidence
  • CCJ 414 Contemporary Issues in Corrections
  • CCJ 417 Police Problems and Issues
  • CCJ 448 Mediation and Conflict
  • CCJ 461 Terrorism
  • CCJ 462 Criminal Forensic Investigations