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Southern Oregon University

Community colleges in Oregon offer an AAOT (Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer) Degree. This transfer degree is designed to assure students that they will meet the general education necessary to transfer to a 4-year University. Students that are interested in entering SOU's Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice will need to include the four pre-requisite courses in their transfer degree.  There are also many cases where students do not come to the degree completion directly from community colleges.  Many students began college, but stopped due to family or work circumstances.  This degree completion is the perfect opportunity to complete what you began years ago.  Take as many or as few classes per term and work toward completing your degree. 


Community colleges in California offer IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) for either the California State University or California University System.  Completion (& documentation) of this transfer degree meets SOU's lower divsion general education requirements.  Students will also need to complete the four pre-requisite CCJ courses.


Review our current transfer equivalency information to assist you in locating articulated (matching) courses between SOU and other community colleges or other universities.