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Southern Oregon University

Students earning a degree in Business Administration are required to complete a minor or a certificate. At least 8 credits of upper division coursework toward your chosen minor must be completed through SOU. The following minors are available to online only business degree completion students (More minors are available on the Ashland Campus): 

Psychology Minor (offered online & evening)   2013-14 Catalog

PSY 201 General Psychology      4
PSY 202 General Psychology   4
Psychology Electives (12 cr must be upper division)  16
Total Required Credits  24

Notes: Credit toward a psychology minor is only given for courses passed with a grade of C- or better.  The Psychology Department will not accept for credit toward the psychology minor any General Psychology (PSY 201 and 202) courses that are older than 20 years at the time of the student's graduation from SOU. For the purpose of the psychology minor only, the research methods courses (PSY 228 and 229) can be substituted for upper division credit. Only 4 credits of Special Studies/Practicum or teaching assistant credits may be used as elective credits. 


Criminal Justice Minor (offered online)   2013-14 Catalog

CCJ 230 American Criminal Justice System    4 
CCJ 231 Introduction to Criminology   4
CCJ 251 Introduction to Criminal Law    4
CCJ 298 Orientation to Criminology and Criminal Justice at SOU    1
CCJ 300 Essentials of Criminal Justice Research and Writing    4
16 credits Approved Upper Division Electives (See 2013-14 Catalog  16
Total Required Credits  33

 Notes:  Criminal Justice minors must maintain a minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA in minor field.
Credit toward a CCJ minor is only given for courses passed with a grade of C- or better.


Early Childhood Development Minor (offering online)  2013-14 Catalog
In completing 24 credits for this minor, at least one course must be taken for each standard.

Promoting Child Development and Learning  (Course Required)     3
ED 440 Whole Child Development   
Building Family & Community Relationships/Diversity (Choose one)     3
ED 438 Children Around the World  
ED 487 Family, School and Community Relations in Early Childhood Education   
ED 489 Interpersonal Relations and Guidance in ECE  
Observing, Documenting & Assessing to Support Young Children/Families (Choose one)      3
ED 485 Assessment of Young Children  
ED 488 Early Language and Literacy Development    
Using Developmentally Effective Approaches (Choose one course)     3
Ed 407 Seminar 1-6 Credits (Mind in the Making)  
ED 484 Curriculum Design in Early Childhood    
Using Content Knowledge to Build Meaningful Curriculum (Choose one)     3
ED 484 Curriculum Design in Early Childhood  
ED 486 Curriculum Content in Early Childhood Education (prerequsite ED 484)    
Becoming Professional (Choose one)     3
ED 454 Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood Education  
ED 480 Foundations in Early Childhood/Elementary Education  
Practicum     3
ED 309 Advanced Practicum and Seminar  (May be waived with previous work exp.)  
Electives     3
ED 407 Seminar 1-6 credits Three Saturday Workshops (1 credit class)  
OR One 3-credit ECD class, with advisor approval  
Total Required Credits   24


Certificate Alternative   
The CBIS-AIS is the only certificate currently available online.