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Southern Oregon University

Professional Development For Teachers

Southern Oregon University has a long history of providing professional development opportunities for the region’s classroom teachers as well as Master's degrees for teachers from all over the United States in special fields such as theatre, music and Spanish. Check out the links below for more information on these programs, courses and activities.

For Current Teachers

  • Ashland Center for Theatre Studies - Theatre Teacher Training - week long specialty courses and a hands-on summer and distance masters program for high school and community college theatre teachers
  • Initial Administrative Licensure - a unique curriculum composed of relevant courses identified by practicing school administrators in southern Oregon
  • Master of Education - designed for teachers that currently hold a teaching license
  • Continuing Teaching License - can be earned as a stand-alone license or integrated into the Master of Education
  • Distance Learning opportunites - earn a Master of Education in your community through distance learning technologies--classes offered online and through two-way video to downlink sites in southwestern Oregon
  • Summer Session - choose from many professional development opportunities for teachers, ranging from intensive seminars and workshops to master's programs and beyond
  • Summer Language Institute for Spanish Teachers - a summer masters program in Guanajuato, Mexico for middle school, high school and community college Spanish teachers combining courses on language acquisition and pedagogy with language and culture courses

To Become a Teacher

Education Sites

For more information on the SOU School of Education, visit the School’s website.