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Southern Oregon University


The SOU Computer Science department, in partnership with the Sustainable Valley Technology Group (, is excited to host local business speakers during lunchtime forums (Tuesdays, 12:30-1:30 pm) throughout the academic year. All Tech Talks will be held in SU 319 unless noted otherwise. Many thanks to the Sustainable Valley Technology Group for providing food at these events!  

In addition to the lunchtime Tech Talks, there is another series of technical presentations, held in the CS Computer Lab (on the mezzanine level of the Main SOU Computer Lab) on occasional Friday afternoons, from 1:00 – 3:00 pm, that offer third- and fourth-year CS Majors an opportunity for a hands-on experience with new technology that has not yet been integrated into the CS Curriculum. The Tech Workshops at SOU are conducted by representatives from local tech businesses who introduce students to open-source software used in their businesses. Students are then able to test-drive the software, create their own variations, and present their creations to the group. Tech Workshops offer an all-volunteer opportunity for graduating students to network with local business representatives who may have internships, part-time or full-time positions available. Free pizza is provided by the CS Department.

Check back regularly for updated speaker information for both technical series, and visit the SOU Computer Science Facebook page.






Fall 2014    

October 17


Enterprise Hacking

Tech Workshop

Friday, November 14

Robert Head
and Matti Salokangas


Coding Zeal:

Tech Workshop:
Ruby on Rails

Tuesday, November 18

Jim Teece President & CEO Project A, Inc. Suck Less and Do More: A provocative conversation about what every CS student can do to change the world and get a job
November 26–30: Thanksgiving Holiday
Tuesday, December 2
Priscilla Oppenheimer Independent Network Consultant

Link to Bio


Software Defined Networking

December 812: Final Exam Week
December 13–January 4: Winter Break

Winter 2015

January 23

 Jason DeShazer

Independent Consultant

Tech Workshop: Codename One

February 6

 Monty Zukowski

Temboo & Rogue Hack Lab

Tech Workshop: Python

Tuesday, February 10

 Jeff McJunkin

Senior Technical Analyst

Counter Hack Challenges

Red vs Blue: The difficult (but possible!) job of detecting breaches in cybersecurity

March 6

 Eric Turner


MagicWave Software

Tech Workshop: Swift, Apple's new programming language

March 10

  Dr. Michael      

 CEO  FlowJo, LLC Building Software to Transform Curiosity into Cures:
Hacking the immune system to cure cancer and fight Ebola (View slides here)
March 16–20: Final Exam Week
March 21–29: Spring Break

Spring 2015

April 7


Friday, April 17
1:00-3:00 PM
CS 224

Priscilla Oppenheimer

Independent Network Consultant


Tech Workshop: Network Design, with a focus on IP addressing.

After an introduction to the theory and math required for a solid understanding, participants will design and present an IP addressing plan for a medium-sized company.

The Continuous Delivery approach is quickly becoming state-of-the-art in software development and deployment. The overarching concept is new enough and complex enough that the producers of the Tech Talks and the Tech Workshops decided to combine forces and offer a two-stage presentation of the subject: a Tech Talk to introduce the concept, followed by a Tech Workshop to provide a hands-on experience with this exciting new approach to software development and deployment.

We invite students, faculty, and tech business representatives to join us for these two related events, to learn more about this important subject that is rapidly changing the framework of the software lifecycle.

April 21

 SU 319

Scott Alexander














(Lars Faye is rescheduling his talk. New date TBD.)

Senior Software Engineer



Tech Talk: Introduction to Continuous Delivery

Description: Continuous Delivery is a shift to small, incremental changes to software, going out multiple times per day. Companies like Etsy, Netflix, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and many more are using this approach to deliver value faster with fewer bugs. Implementation changes the way that the software is released, and relies heavily on testing to ensure that software quality is maintained.
Takeaway: Attendees will learn how software is being developed in the 21st century to increase quality, decrease bugs, and create more value for companies.

Friday, April 24
1:00-3:00 pm
CS Computer Lab

Scott Alexander

Senior Software Engineer



 Tech Workshop: Deployment Pipelines: Implementing Continuous Delivery

Subject: Deployment Pipelines: Implementing Continuous Delivery
Description: Continuous Delivery delivers value quicker to businesses that adopt the process. In order to be successful, automation, testing, and rapid feedback to developers must be key components. Continuous Delivery is implemented via Deployment Pipelines. Each pipeline starts with a change and ends with the software being deployed directly to the production environment.
Takeaway: Attendees will see an example Deployment Pipeline in action, see how changes can impact a build pipeline, and add tests and features to the example Deployment Pipeline that they can then present to the group.

Tuesday, May 5

 SU 319

Harlan Stenn

Software Developer

Network Time Protocol

Tech Talk:
Network Time


May 11–15: Southern Oregon Arts & Research

May 22



Tech Workshop: Professionalism

June 2



June 8–12: Final Exam Week
Saturday, June 13: Commencement






Past events:
Technology Leaders Speaker Series 2013-2014
Technology Leaders Speaker Series Spring 2013